The Goodbyes Begin

God is at Work!
It’s only been a few weeks since the last newsletter, but there is already so much to share with you! My visa came through on May 21st, which was a HUGE relief (more on that below). I am continuing to meet with people to raise support, and God has been orchestrating that far beyond my efforts! Several people have approached me to ask about supporting me or to tell me that they set up a donation online before I even contacted them. It has been so exciting to see how God works through this whole process.

I have also been hard at work sorting through my belongings and deciding what to take with me to Ecuador, what to pack in storage, and what to let go of. To that end, a few friends helped me organize a yard sale on June 15th. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to sort, price, and sell a TON of items. The proceeds will be used to cover expenses associated with my move to Ecuador. The clothing leftover from the sale will be donated to Atascadero First Assembly church for their recurring clothing drive, and the books we did not sell will be donated to the local public library.

The Goodbyes Begin
It has been difficult for me to wrap my mind around needing to say goodbye to people when I don’t have an exact departure date. I’m not leaving yet, so why say goodbye? But the unfortunate reality is that there are many people I have been blessed to spend time with recently without knowing whether I will see them again before make the move to Ecuador – and so saying good goodbyes has already become a necessity.

My roommate from grad school – who was also my classmate and fellow intern – came to visit over Memorial Day Weekend, which was a wonderful blessing. We have all heard (and maybe lived) horror stories about roommates, but living with this amazing woman was nothing like that. She is an incredibly supportive and thoughtful person, and I was so lucky to have her for a roommate. We had so much fun catching up with each other before saying goodbye.

At the end of May, I flew to visit my sister and brother-in-law at their new home in Omaha, Nebraska. For the first time in our lives, my sister and I suddenly find ourselves living hundreds of miles from each other, and it’s been strange for us to be so far apart. I arrived in time to help celebrate her birthday, and our time together culminated in a trip to the Omaha Zoo! The photos below are from my visit. The goodbyes were hard, but I’m grateful that we made wonderful memories in the process!

Visa Update!
On May 20, I dragged myself out of bed at 5am and drove to LA (yes, with coffee!) for my visa appointment at the Ecuadorian consulate. I arrived with an hour to spare (although it took me 15 minutes of driving around to find parking) and located the consulate office with no problem. I even recognized enough of the Spanish on the signs in the office to know that I needed to sign in with my name on the clipboard at the front counter! After about 20 minutes, one of the consulate employees called my name… and informed me that my appointment had actually been the previous Monday!

The employee kindly informed me that the next available visa appointment was the following morning at 10:30. A quick phone call to a couple friends in nearby Camarillo confirmed that I would have a place to stay the night – and a silver lining from the whole debacle was the opportunity to spend more time with these friends! The next morning I ventured back into downtown LA for my rescheduled appointment, and finally left at 3pm with my visa in-hand! Well, technically not in-hand, since Ecuador now uses an electronic visa. But close enough.  🙂

Going-Away Party!
My friends and family are throwing a going-away party for me on Saturday, June 29th! We are doing a sort of open house event where people can stop in to say goodbye and stay however long they like. All the details can be found in the flyer below. Everyone is welcome! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Party flyer (2)

Learn more about Jungle Kids for Christ at

Prayer Requests for June

  • For peace and confidence as I continue making preparations to leave for Ecuador.
  • For continued good “goodbyes” with family members and friends.

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