Hitting the Ground Running

img_20190319_080457_297-1At the 2019 International Social Work gathering for Azusa Pacific University!

A Long-Overdue Update!
To “hit the ground running” means to start something and proceed at a fast pace with enthusiasm. Cliché, perhaps, but it seemed a fitting title for this newsletter. After many months of preparation, I was finally able to start raising support in preparation for my departure to Ecuador! The past two weeks have been filled with emails, phone calls, and meetings. It has been a blessing and a joy to share with family members, friends, and others what God is doing in my life and the ministry He has called me to join in Ecuador. God has already provided for this journey in some incredible ways, and I am excited to see how He will continue to clear the way for me to follow His leading.

2019 International Social Work Gathering
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 International Social Work gathering for the Azusa Pacific University study and service abroad program. This year there are three teams heading to Kenya, India, and Ecuador! It was through this program that I first visited Ecuador last year, and it was exciting to share my experiences with the new team heading there in June! The gathering was a wonderful time of fellowship and planning for this year’s program.

Missionary Training
On April 15, I will fly to Colorado for a month of missionary training at the Mission Training International in Palmer Lake. The program offers practical training to prepare missionaries for the challenges of working in a foreign country, including learning a new language and immersing into a different culture and building healthy relationships with team members while maintaining relationships with friends and family members back home. I am excited for the opportunity to meet other missionaries and eager to learn all that I can in preparation for the field!

Thank You!
I am deeply grateful to everyone who has prayed for me, encouraged me, committed to supporting me financially, and otherwise helped prepare me for this ministry. I could not do any of this without you! I look forward to keeping you updated on this journey over the next several months!

Learn more about Jungle Kids for Christ at

How You Can Help in April

  • Pray for God’s guidance and blessing in my efforts to raise support, and for opportunities to share Christ with others through this process.
  • Pray for safety as I travel to Colorado for missionary training.
  • Share this newsletter and encourage others to join the mailing list!

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